Peppah! Or, my lazy-ass Summer ’11 “garden”

I had all sortsa big ideas for this year’s garden. With this being the 2nd summer in Chez Cochon, figured I would try a pergola or somesuch. At least some climbing… somethings to pep up the place.

Instead, I have been totally slack. No excuses like cat-sitting in DC. No trips. Nothing. I’ve even been spending more time in my new city. All of which has freed up tons of time to do absolutely nothing of a greeny nature.

I still have a few of the plants from last year, including The Rosemary That Will Not Die (thank goodness), the poinsettia of ’09, and my indoor plant menagerie: aloe, 2 snake plants, a pony palm I horribly neglect and a couple cacti.

Plopping cheap but easy (read: drought resistant) ornamentals ended up my lazy choice of deck greenery. But I couldn’t resist this little fella at Walmart. Poor thing was rootlocked to hell and back, and even flowering a bit, despite the wee pot. So, since growing some sorta pepper seems to be a tradition for me, in to a pot he went.

And now look at him! Just dripping with cayenne peppers! I’m quite the proud momma, even though I haven’t done squat but put him in the pot & loosen his roots. (I did toss in some fertilizer today, but that’s got nothing to do with his work so far.)

Yay Caliente! That’s his name. Cause I just made it up.


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