My hometastic 4th

Sometimes it’s nice to be lazy. This happened to be one of those times.
Target sells fireworks around here. TARGET. So, I figured it was okay to buy a few and do a bit of celebrating myownself. That, and I was just too lazy to walk to the Harbor.

After covering the plants with tiny paper streamers from the popping thingamajigs, I moved to sparklers. Then, the weird "snake" things, the ones that start out as a small tablet, and expand to over a foot of ash. Hey, they’re not exciting, but they’re a family tradition.

The ‘work that really had me wondering was the 2" tall standing fireworks. Two for $1 at the Tarjay, what could go wrong? But I grabbed the lid of a trash can (the can itself was stolen long ago) and tried one out. Wow. Tons o’ sparks! And as it started to drizzle a bit, I congratulated myself on being pyro-tastic.

Only to see neighbors on the street behind me light up the SERIOUS artillery. We’re talking only slightly smaller versions of Camden Yards sparklies. I hear some Baltimore folks head up to Pennsylvania to get the big buggers. Wow. Put my ten second show to shame. I did have fun feeding my pyro jones tho.

Next year I’ll… be at the Harbor. Okay, maybe some snakes for the sake of tradition.


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