Red. Weeds & Trash = “No Violation” in Baltimore City

Wow.  So yeah, with Red an absolute %^$#*#-hole, with collapsing drywall inside, a propped up front wall outside and tons of weeds and trash all around?  It’s not a problem, according to Baltimore City Government.


Yeah, they're not weeds. They're "global warming combatants"

No problem.  The fact that you can’t see the back of the house for all the weeds and trash (not to mention the plaid recliner someone dumped, how pretty)?  Not a problem at all.

Here’s a better look at the back of the house, past the weeds:

It's not trash, apparently. It's a restive backyard bungalow.

Why do I think the city couldn’t give two toots?  Here’s the info on the trash and weeds cleanup request I submitted:

Service Request Details:

Help Service Request Number:  11-00510922
Help Type Code:  Housing Inspection – Trash and/or Weeds – Occupied
Help Location:  1183 CLEVELAND ST, BALTIMORE CITY, MD 21230
Help Description:  sqautters in the rear yard of the home matress and luggage – No – No – No – Yes – IN THE REAR UNDER THE CELAR DOOR – Yes – Residence – Trash & Debris,High Grass/ Weeds > 8inches – Both – in the rear rodents – no – No – No – No – No – Yes – IN THE REAR UNDER THE CELAR DOOR – Yes
Help Created Date:  6/29/2011 2:32:28 PM
Help Due Date:  7/4/2011 2:32:28 PM
Help Status:  Closed
Help Status Date:  7/1/2011 3:39:18 PM
Help Activity:  Housing Code Enforcement Official
Help Outcome:  No Violation Found SE

Yeah.  And “Occupied”???  I never said it was occupied. The cherry on top?  The fact that it took them over a month to find “no violation”.

God, and people wonder why Baltimore City residents get fed up and leave?


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