New Year, new things.

Wow.  Two years here in Chez Cochon?  Did 2011 zip by or is it just me?

Anywho, time to make a list of things I’d like to accomplish, house-wise, for the year.  Y’know, until the apocalypse puts this list on low priority.

Chez Cochon 2012 List O’ Goodness

1) FENCE THE BACKYARD.  Dammit.  Even though it’ll cost about $500 bucks just to have some City dork come out and put flags down to tell me what the property line is.  It’ll be worth it for peace of mind, or so I keep telling myself.  But I really, really want a fenced-in backyard.  It’s a quality-of-life (and a wanna-keep-a-trashcan) thang.  I may even — gasp! — finance it.  But it has to be done.  HAS TO.

2) Fix the $&#*@ spot of carpet that I ripped up, post Lilycat.  But first…

3) Put up a storm door.  Because it’s more energy efficient that way.  Plus, I can decorate my front door all pretty-like and not worry about rain muffing the wrapping paper I’ll put up for the holidays.  But also so I can…

4) Paint the damn front door already.  Seriously y’all.  It has to be done.  Because according to people much, much more intelligent and put-together than I am, your front door says something about you (and btw, the second picture down?  That’s the color I want; gorgeous.)  Right now mine says “I can’t be arsed”.  But I want it to say “wheee, pretty!”

5) End the cluster-bleep that is the current state of my closet and put in drawers.  I want a long buncha drawers in my master bedroom closet.  That way I can finally ditch the oh-so-attractive tuppers & old IKEA storage crap I’ve crammed in there.  Mmmmm.  And I could do it too; all I’d need to do is trim up the current rods/shelves-things and insert drawers.  (Hooray for storage systems!)

6) Hang up my house number.  Which also means I need to get over my Fear Of Drilling Into Brick and just do it already.

7) Seal the windows and front door.  Or rather, pay someone to do it.

8) Lastly (for now), put up pretty windowboxes in front of the upper front windows.  I’d love a sinple, Arts & Crafts-like iron windowbox cage, but who knows what I’ll end up with?  Mmm, windowboxes.


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