Failure to sleep = attraction to the shiny

Well, I feel it’s time to head out into the great big 21st Century. What better time to do that than when I’m trying to figure out how to get to sleep?

After the SOPA/PIPA blackout earlier, I bumbled around the Googles like I do, and found out that WordPress has an Android app. Who knew? Besides every tech savvy person on the planet. I immediately downloaded it. Shiny new toy! Does this app make me look thinner? Lie if you have to.

To make this a post that’s more than a test of the app, I figure why not crank out a few of my current design/DIY ideas? Here goes:

* ditch the banquette near the slider, replace with a high-hung (installed? Set? Whatever.) shelving unit with see-through doors. Under this shelf thing, the IKEA foldable table in white. So I can….
* Put in a “built in” bench unit that starts at the other side of the slider and then pulls a 90° angle til it hits the end of the bump-out area/the stove. Voila! Cool bench seating. Maybe even with storage & cushions. I’m a wild child!

Okay, enough thinking at 1:30am. Time for a cute picture of ZoeB. G’nite!


(Man I hope this app thingy works. Here goes….)


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