I have always been the optimistic type.

As my cinema themed (yes, there’s a theme. Somewhere.) ManCave slowly comes into being, I like to think I make good choices. Sure.

Tonight though? Iffy. Thought I have loved this print/canvas-art thing for a while, I don’t think I put enough thought into the storage of said item…during a screening I’m attending for my critic gig. Oops.

But it was $13, from $40. I couldn’t walk away!


Tonight’s screening should be interesting. I just hope it won’t be a pain for my nearby press-mates.

My bad.

[UPDATE: I got it home!!! And it’s all in one piece, and it’s not ripped or covered in escalator grease from the Metro. And how gross is that slimy stuff, anyway?

I am trying to figure out exactly where in the ManCave it will live, and when I do I will post a shiny new pic.

Oh, and BTW, there’s a sticker-tag thing on the back that says $59.95. So I did save $27, I saved $47. Yaaaay!]


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