New picture, new look for the wall.


Yeah, it’s straight from the Droid.  Nothing but the very best for this blog, yessir.

I do like how it brings the “cinema” look a bit closer to what I’d envisioned.  I hesitate to say theme, because really.  That would make it sound as if I actually have a plan, instead of what’s really going on.  Which goes a little something like this:

Hmm.  That downstairs area has a shelfy-thing.  I could put a tv on it.  And then put some shelves up and call it a built-in-ish thing.  So, with a tv…why not try for a movie/tv look?  Because having a entertainment center that has movie and tv themed stuff is so original!  Yeah, that’d work.  Hey look; cinema-looking things!  Hmm.  Maybe I should buy a thesaurus, otherwise every single word I use will be “thing”, and that probably isn’t a good idea.  PONY!

Is it any wonder that I pat myself on the back when I do the most mundane, simplistic task?  It’s a madhouse in there, I tell you. 

And now that I have things pretty well settled, it’s time.  Time to start wondering what Chez Cochon would look like if it looked…different.  A different color in the kitchen, maybe different cabinets & even a subway-tile backsplash.  A new sink for the upstairs postage-stamp bathroom.  Whacking down the slowly-eroding deck (thanks for not using treated wood, construction people) and putting in stairs instead….

Ah, home design.  Just when you think it’s all over?  THEY SUCK YOU BACK IN.


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