Tommy’s Downtown Tavern

I just received this in my inbox & had to share with the class:


Tommy’s Downtown Tavern in Baltimore – Please share this, you have the opportunity to save a small business. This bar is not just a bar – it’s a family business, with good service, good eats, good people, and they support their community every chance they get. If you go out just one night a month, next time consider going here. Tommy will have to close the doors at the end of February if he can’t get more regular customers. The Pigtown neighborhood needs this kind of place. If you haven’t been here yet, check it out and keep going before it’s too late!

But don’t take my word for it… check out the reviews, and write a review for this place if you’ve been. Share this post, and with your help, we can save this place and show a business that we care.


Gotta say that I love Tommy’s Downtown Tavern. Tommy is a genuinely good guy, and the staff is welcoming. Plus, they have beers like Fat Tire and Stone (mmmmm.) I don’t go enough because I’m usually off to a screening during the week.

What I need to find out is exactly when the B-movie nights are…love me some movies! And maybe I can talk a few of the local film societies into hitting the bar on these nights. Fun, right?

Folks say that there’s nothing happening in Pigtown. Well, active participation makes nothing into something. From now on, I will be headed to Tommy’s weekly, even if it’s just for a soda. Okay, and some sweet tato fries.


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