Cartoon furniture? There goes my savings.

Pinterest.  I love it, I hate it.  I can have whole sections of days disappear at the blink of an eye.  And I can never seem to find anything quite as awesome as what someone else has found.

So in the interest of trying to out-cool the coolest people in the world (fat chance, that), I decided to search “furniture”.  And I found a picture of dressers that knocked me off my feet.  Or would, if I wasn’t already sitting down, firmly anchored by cat gravity.

Cartoon furniture.  Apparently it’s out there, it’s been around for a while, and it’s fabulous.  While there are many, many designers bringing these Dr. Seuss-like creations of awesome to life (even IKEA has a piece or two for cryin’ out loud), my very favorite has to be the pieces from Dust Furniture.  Peep this:

Holy crap I think I’m in love.  Unlike several other designers — search “Cartoon Furniture” for yourself — this is a more grownup, artistic look, instead of a children’s room only vibe.  I’m literally salivating over here.  It’s not pretty y’all.

I think my front room needs one of these.  And if I’ve been a Very Good Girl, maybe my 2nd bedroom (because I simply have 0% space in my bedroom.  Unless I pitch out the dressers I’ve got….)  This is the type of style I never thought existed, but would tie together so many of my muddled stylistic nonsense thrown together bits items in the front room, items that seem to be searching for that certain piece to tie ’em all together.

Mmm.  What?  To-do list 2012?  What’s that?  What could possibly get in the way of my new obsession find?  So they cost anarmandalegandabreast?  (Though they’re reasonable by “real grown-up furniture” standards.)  A piece or two will be finding a home here in Chez Cochon.  Oh yes.

Oh, yes.


4 thoughts on “Cartoon furniture? There goes my savings.

    1. Oh! With that description being bandied about on the interwebs with seeming impunity, good to know that there’s an actual place that’s #1. (Cute heart mirror, BTW.)

      1. When we started back in 2006 I used to Google “Cartoon Furniture” and nothing ever came up. So we Trademarked the name and most manufacturers know this. Thanks for the comment about our Heart Mirror, it’s our number 1 best seller.

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