Pinterest. Or how I kill time nowadays, when I should paint the front door.

Pinterest.  You likey, you pin-ey.  And everyone and their mother can check it out.

I’ve been kinda active.  And I’ve decided to start using this as a way to gather my very, very random design ideas.  Along with my geeky loves, my jewelry obsession and other thangs.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to get off it and paint my front door.  But lo & behold; it needs to be caulked!  Seriously.  Bighuge gap down in the left-hand corner.  Egads.  I wouldn’t have even noticed if it hadn’t been for a guy walking down my street who was kind enough to stop and chat with me about all things doors.  (Why I love my neighborhood, Reason #423.)

Peep this:

Just say no to crack. And bird poo, but one thing at a time.

I know, right?  Apparently for large cracks/gaps, I need to stuff “void filler” into the cracks first.  (And a super big thank you to Minnesota for that tip!)  Perhaps this is why I keep feeling the cold waft in in the winter.  And maybe even why it’s super-duper humid in the summer.  (One can only hope a good caulking would help.)

So, here goes:

1) Stuff cracks.

2) Caulk those puppies.

3) Trim it out; I’m diggin’ white high-gloss.

4) Put up storm door.  Read: have someone put up storm door.  I want a “bronze” door.  Not a shiny-shiny bronze, just a brownish-bronze storm door, so it’ll match the front door light fixture that I love.

5) Prime *entire* door, lazybones.  The test spot worked, enough waiting.

6) Paint the front door a groovy blue-grey.


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