I haz new(ish) vacuum!

It’s taken me forever (because I am broke & a tightass) but I now have a new vacuum! And…it’s a Dyson. It’s refurbished (thanks WOOT), but that’s shorthand for “300 dollars cheaper than the asking price”. So I’m good with that.

It came all sunshiny & clean:


(Some assembly required, but nothing I couldn’t figure out. Eventually.)

I immediately got to suckin’, much to ZoeB’s delight. Never seen her run up the stairs so fast in my life. But it was worth it, as the vacuum test drive was a success. An icky, grody success.


(And that’s just downstairs….)

I see the carpet fibers looking a bit more cheerful, but I was hoping for a bit more. Like sucking up a small elephant from the depths of my carpet or something. I think that after all the PR I’ve heard, nothing less than a vacuum farting rainbows would manage to really blow me away.

Verdict? It’s a keeper. It’s a lot easier to push than my old one (though it doesn’t get under stuff as well), it’s got a long cord & an easy peasy way to dump the bin. Plus, it’s a refirb that cost me about the same as a new lower ranking vacuum from a store.

Okay, enough about the gunk in my floors. New garden pics, for you who have made it this far. $1.98 bulb pots from Lowes (or Home Depot? Can’t remember.) I un-root-locked the poor dears (the pots they came in were way past proper size for their growth) & plopped em in some already sitting there pots. Yaaaay accomplishment!



Oh, and my new 75% off room heater (thanks, winter clearance) looks like a Dalek.



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