I’m in love with a coat rack. What?

Fab Friday Bargain: Contemporary Tree Coat Stand

You want to be by my front door.

I fell in love with this coat rack when I saw this Sunday’s Once Upon A Time episode, “Hat Trick”.  (Which I just finished watching; thanks DeVeeR!)  So gorgeous.  And the description is right on; I love the sculptural element, and I love the groovy-hatrack-ness of it all.

Had to do some surfing…and more surfing…and still more surfing (I am nothing if not over focused).  So when I finally found it?  Had to make sure I could save it, so I could find it easily.  And look at it.  Because nothing says “I’m in a safe, healthy place” than Google-ing a coat rack like it’s an ex.

Ah, but our love is not to be; the rack ain’t sold in the States.  Sad sigh.

‘Tis pretty, though.


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