So.  I have said before that I will focus on the pretty flowers and leave veggies out of the loop.  Because I suck at trying to keep up with the output (talk about First World Problems), and so yeah.

But.  Fruit doesn’t count.  Fruit is fruit, veg is veg.

And that’s why I picked up a strawberry plant this past weekend.  Lookit, it’s gaw-jus!

Though it's probably rootlocked, poor widdle ting. (Yes I babytalk to my plants. Don't judge.)

Yes, I fully realize that I have purchased a strawberry plant that already has a red, ripe berry on it.  But I didn’t buy it for the berry.  No.  I bought it for the new growth at the base of the plant.  Okay, the berry was nice too.

I’ve heard that strawberries can run amok like adorable little Japanese kaiju, storming all over a garden leaving nothing but delicious berries in it’s wake.  Hmm.  Though tons of berries sounds tempting, I decided to corral this sucker and plop it in a pot like so:


Good work, self.  Now, how to celebrate…. Lemme think.  *thinkthinkthink*  Oh yeah!


2 thoughts on “Strawberries!

    1. Wildfire? Ooh, thanks Karen — though I drool at the thought, since I’m in the city I should leave this little sucker in a pot. So jealous of your wild strawberries! And, y’know, your orchard. 🙂

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