You hoser!

I have no spigot on the rear of my house.  I’m torn; part of me is a bit miffed that I don’t have one, another part of me is glad because it’s a wuss and thinks water thiefs would come and…well, water things?  Obviously I haven’t put a lot of thought into my fears.  But if I thought about ’em, then they wouldn’t be fears anymore, and then where would I be?  Fearless?  Pah!

So instead of just buying the first hose that strikes my fancy (read: pink, easy-to-store and pink), I have to do a bit of research.  Do I need to buy a special hose for kitchen-sink attachment?  Do I need a kitchen-sink attachment, or can I just pop that sucker on?  If I use a regular garden hose on my kitchen sink, with that leave ooky on said sink that will taint my drinking water and give the world a disease named after me?  Ah, there’s that fear again.  Right where I left it.

The answers to my various questions:

* Do I need a special hose for the kitchen sink?: Nope, though it looks like they do make hose/adapter combo thingies (but they may be for laundry use…more research needed on my end, apparently.)

* Do I need a kitchen-sink attachment?: A’yup.  And there are a slew of types, just ask Amazon.  I may hit up a few local stores to see ’em myself, before I make a purchase.

* Does “regular” garden hose + kitchen sink = ooky?: Probably not for your sink, but slurping water from a hose could be not-so-safe if  you have a PVC hoseThen there’s the bacteria that could be lurking in water that has been sitting in your hose from the last time you used it.  All those years drinking from the garden hose when I was growing up.  *shudder*  I think I’ll get a drinking-water-safe garden hose, just in case.

WikiHow has the bestest how-to page for kitchen sink hose-ness.  Pictures, pictures, pictures.  Plus, they use plumbing tape, and I do love me some plubing tape.  Makes me seem like I know what I’m doing (when I’m really just patching up a goof, 9 times out of 10).

I also want a hose that doesn’t kink up easily.  I remember trying to water my dad’s garden when I was a kid, and every time I moved that ancient hose (mom & dad threw out nothing), it would kink and knot.  Something that can withstand the sun — I’m not planning on having this hose become a part of the kitchen decor — is a plus.

Now it’s time to find a drinking-water-safe, non-lead, kink resistant garden hose that is reinforced for all weather.  And as much as I adore the coiled hoses, after reading that stretching ’em out only gets you half the length advertised (max), I’ll stick with a regular, straight hose, and maybe a cute hose pot or somesuch.  Web surfing first, then it’s off to the stores to take a gander.



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