Hooks. A very good thing.

If there’s one thing I have learned being a homeowner (a word that still makes me giggle because it now applies to me), it’s that futzing around the house never gets old.

My bedroom closet, now nice and (semi) sorted, could use a tweak. Mostly because I am one of those scarf people. I like scarves. Wear em often. Even in the summer. Yep, one of THOSE people.

So I dug up my “stuff I bought at IKEA figuring I would want it at some point” box. Grabbed a couple of BJÄRNUM hooks, and sunk them into the side of the closet. That space beside the door was taunting me dammit. It had to be schooled.

So now I have a place to hang my most-often-used neck fabric.


I may put a couple more on the wall next to them. Since these suckers can fold up – always a nice trick – I can always fold ones that aren’t in use.

Mmmm. I love my new hangers. And I love any reason to whip out the drill. Well, any easy reason to whip out the drill.

Oh – and I bit the bullet & bought a fence for the backyard! Or rather, I paid people to come and fence my backyard. I should be backyard-tastic in a month or so. More to come….


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