I have had my snake plants for over two years. They’re lovely, they clean the air (so they say), and they supposedly multiply like mofos.

For the past two years, I’ve been fine with two out of three. But this morning? Tada; all three now achieved!


Cute little blighter, ain’t it?

Just in time for mother’s day too. (Fine. For the rest of the year I am my cat’s Human. But this time of year? I am her mommy. Because I will do anything to justify a cinnamon bun breakfast & pizza delivery dinner.)

That’s all for now, because I spent the day working with Rebuilding Baltimore & Pigtown Food For Thought to build raised gardens for the neighborhood. Needless to say I can no longer feel my forearms. Learned a lot though – huzzah!

More on that later, when I can move without whimpering like a pomeranian.


3 thoughts on “Life. LIIIIFE!

  1. I love it when the babies erupt! In the UK we call this plant a ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ for obvious reasons. I’ve grown these most of my adult life and they can survive anywhere. Currently I have one on the stairwell outside our apartment door in an effort to absorb the tobacco fumes floating in from the opposite apartment. It seems to be thriving. You’ll soon have a pot full I’m sure!

    1. Thanks Lizzie — I’m absurdly excited about this little sprout.

      And I love “mother-in-law’s tongue”; an apt description! ;D Though my plants aren’t quite as sharp, thanks to my cat’s fondness of everything green….

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