Rebuilding Baltimore. One community garden at a time.

This past Saturday was the yearly Rebuilding Baltimore day, and I rolled up my sleeves to help.  I was one of the many folks that lent a hand so Pigtown Food For Thought could have a raised garden in the neighborhood.  And I’ve gotta say that they did a fantastic job!  Me, I learned a few things, and got to be butch for a few hours.  Win-win!

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Some of the things I learned:

* It’s not that hard to make a raised garden bed, and a “homemade” bed looks much better than 99% of the kits sold at the local box stores.

* To make a bed, drill holes into the wood, then use the screws to hold ’em together.  (The screws we used were #9, 2 1/2 inch screws.  I know because I took a picture of the pail they came in.  I’d never remember otherwise.)  Then cut a support piece that goes inside each corner, long-side of the support piece running along the longer side of the bed/box.  Line with weed-stopper (we used cardboard, yay repurposing!), then fill with dirt.  That’s all!

* Fill a garden bed/box really, super full.  The soil/dirt/compost will settle, and so you’ll need more than you think you will.

Okay backyard.  Once you get fenced, you’re getting a raised garden bed.  Am I full of myself because I lent a hand on one project for a few hours where tons of other folks were doing the real heavy lifting?  You betcha!


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