Deadheaded roses = bouquet

Each time I see a blooming plant, I automatically check it for blooms that have passed their shelf life. Can’t help it. My dad always said it makes the plant healthier if you remove the spent blossoms, because then the plant can send the nutrition that would have gone to the soon-to-be-no-more flowers to other parts of the plant. Plus, you get more blooms.

Addicted to blossoming things as I am, I have been known to deadhead roses and mums as I walk around the neighborhood. It’s a sickness.

Today, when I was removing some gone-off tea roses (in my own collection…this time) I didn’t want to see them go away just yet.

So I grabbed a martini glass & plopped them in. Not too shabby.


The short stems from deadheading work perfectly in the shallow glass. The roses half-float, a look I’ve always liked.

Yeah, they won’t last long, but I’ll get a kick out of seeing them for a day or two.


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