House Gadgets: too good to be true? Not in this case.

CAUTION: this post has been rated NSFS (Not Safe For Stomachs) by…me.  But since I’m damn proud of accomplishing something, I’m posting it anyway.

There are tons of gadgets out there that are supposed to help you do stuff better/faster/stronger than the average homeowner.  I’m betting that 99.9% of ’em are pure space wasters.  But I get sucked in every so often.

Like in this instance.  The item?  A long “stick” of flattened white plastic with plastic barbs on the sides, so it looks like an emaciated sawfish with his teeth slicked back a bit.  There’s a wide tab at the bottom that you can loop a finger or two through and…well, that’s about it.  It’s supposed to fish out icky clogs in your drain “without the need for chemicals!”  Since I am near the Chesapeake Bay (and since I’m lazy about going to the store to buy Drano or whatever), I saw these at Target about a year ago & snapped them up.  Partially because they seemed eco-friendly, partially because they looked cool & only take up a teensy bit of space, mostly because they were on clearance for 98 cents.  With a bathtub that has been getting slower & slower to drain, I figured now’s the time to test this puppy.  The results?

DAY-YAM GINA — this sucker works!  Seriously, it does the job.  The only problem I had was when I had to pull out the humongous clog o’ my former hair out of the drain; since my stopper is attached to the drain-thing, I had to get out my scissors and snip a bit.  Kinda icky, but I figured I’d let my brain rock in the foetal later.

So, here’s the breakdown…and here’s where it gets gross, FYI:

Gotta say that I’m impressed with the little doohickey.  Well, after the nausea from pulling up a clump of slimy hair covered with old apricot facial scrub passed. Then I scrubbed doohickey within an inch of it’s life and coated it with hand sanitizer.  Then I showered and scrubbed myself ’til I didn’t feel the creepiness of ook on me any longer.  Think Silkwood.

I now have Mr. Doohickey hanging in my shower.  My hair is growing longer, so who knows when I’ll need him next?  Oh please don’t let it be anytime soon.


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