Free money? WOOT!

Living in the Chesapeake Bay Area is fun, with the Harbor and the gorgeous boats & stuff.  But the humidity?  Pah.  (To be fair, the humidity in DC ain’t nothing to shake a stick at either.)

Last year I bought a refurbished dehumidifier from Overstock.  It works great, but it’s loud as heck.  It also doesn’t help with the humidity upstairs, as it’s down in the laundry/swamp room.  This year, another dehumidifier is needed.  When it’s 74 degrees & I need to put on a fan because the humidity is stifiling?  It’s time for another dehumidifier.  Stat.

So I went and visited my store boyfriend (that’d be Home Depot; orange is hot y’all) and stumbled on a pamphlet about dehumidifiers.  Seems that BGE is giving folks a $25 rebate on Energy Star compliant dehumidifiers.  Schweet!  There’s a limit to the rebates, only two per household.  But hey, that means if I want to go crazy I can buy one for upstairs, one for the main floor, and keep the basement one chugging along.

And yes, I do understand that in order to get 25 bucks, I’ll be spending almost two hundred.  But since I will end up buying another dehumidifier anyway, it’s always nice to pocket some spare dough.

A bonus with dehumidifiers is that I can use the water the little suckers pull out of the air to water my plants.  If it’s good enough for Heloise, it’s good enough for me.  And my plants.

Okay, enough with the free money glee.  Here’s the a picture of Zoe, who is hoping I’ll use that rebate on the biggest hunk of tuna ever….


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