Just me. Buying out the clearance garden section.

I love the big box DIY/garden stores. Because when they overbuy, they mark stuff down. Waaaaay down. The only problem is that I can’t stop. Case in point, today’s haul:


I can stop anytime. Swearsies.

Today it’s….
* two tomato plants at $2.50 apiece
* a bushy bleeding heart for $4
* a hosta & a small pot o’ ornamental grass for $1.50 each
* a geranium in a groovy tin(?) watering pot.

The geranium started it. I have never seen a geranium with stripies. See?


How could I walk away from that? Fine; how could someone like me with absolutely no self control around plants destined to get the pitch walk away from that?

The hosta & bleeding heart are shade loving, yes, but I hope to put ’em in the shade that I’m sure will develop once the fence goes up. Which should be early next month – yayz!!!

Speaking of self control, or lack of it, it’s dollar-a-pint night at the local brewpub. Thank you, and goodnight!


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