What is Acrymax? Why should I care?

Energy Star.  Mmm, rebates.  But every time I think of doing something eco-friendly to my pad I realize that right now I probably would need to win the  lottery to do the things I’m dying to do (solar tube!  Tankless water heater!  Rooftop garden….)

Well, today I bit the bullet — because it seems that this is the year for bullet biting — and decided to get my roof coated.  Because they say that coated roofs are more energy efficient (“they” in this case being the NYTimes.  I’ll run with that.)  Since I love me some saving money, I have been wanting to get my roof coated for awhile now.

Today, I heard the clangy-jangle of roofers at my neighbor’s house.  They were clearing out his gutters, and when I saw them I trotted downstairs to ask if they did coated/white roofs.  They said they did “modified bitumen roofing“, which reflects heat and is Energy Star compliant.  The reflective goop is called Acrymax, and they could do it for half of what they usually charge, since they were in the neighborhood and had the stuff on their truck.

I said yes.

It took them about 20 minutes to coat the roof, using a spray-hose-nozzle thing.  It’ll take a day or two to dry, then the guys said they’d come back and take a picture for me so I could post it here.  Yayz!  Extra added bonus: they said that my roof was “very well done” and everything was “sealed tight”, which makes this the third contracting team that has complimented my roof.  I can haz happy.

Aaaaand so since I have no roof picture, here’s a few photos of plants.

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