My first tomato of the year!

Or season, whatevs.

It was a light orange-y green when I bought it Tuesday. Now? It’s gorgeous!


Well, it used to be gorgeous. Now it’s in mah belly.

And it was delicious! None of the thick skin that plagued last year’s plant. I’m hoping that keeping it a bit more shaded than last year’s in-the-full-sun-forevah plant will help keep the skin thinner?

We’ll soon see, as there are tons more coming up….


Plant #1, with another orange-y tidbit (er, fruit) hidden behind the greenies.


Plant #2, with the same cluster o’ goodness.

I can’t help but wonder at these plants; so short & thick. My inner dad is telling me to re-pot so they can grow…but according to the plastic info tabs that came with these bundles of greenery, no re-potting is necessary and their max height/width are 12″x12″.

To be continued!


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