Solo DIY, or The Idiot Chronicles volume 723

As the new IKEA catalog gears up for release, the stores get rid of some things to make room for the new stuff. Including a few of the GRUNDTAL rails. (I figure new lengths will be coming out soon? Maybe?)

I grabbed the longest rail on clearance & since today is the start of the holiday weekend I got all DIY on my kitchen’s tuchas. But first, I needed a hand. Problem? Solved!


Classy, right? I now have a new reason for loving cherry pie filling.

And yes, I keep my hardware in jars. My dad did, so I do. They’re clear & I can see what I need easy-peasy.

Now that the rail is up I wish I had done it sooner! It looks like a 5-year-old decorated and the basket doesn’t quite fit (stays put just fine though), but I love it. Plus, more countertop space!


Now to do under the cabinet on the other side of the sink….


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