Storm door…achieved!

Hooray – today is my first official day of being a homeowner. A homeowner with a storm door, that is ! Obviously I am excited. But peep THIS.


Beautiful! It even makes my unpainted door look better. Painting that door is next on the agenda, btw.

Totally worth it to have someone come in and install it. Believe me, it’s probably easy for the average human, but me (a Bear of Little Brain)? It would have been chaos. Entertaining for the neighborhood, but otherwise a real bugger. The “e glass” that makes the storm door energy efficient is really rather heavy. (It came with a screen door/replacement thing, but I may never use it. Plus, the screen insert has a metal support bar smack dab in the middle of the screen! Can you say ugly? Yes, yes I can.)

Zoe seems to like her new “window”, though she doesn’t trust it unless I’m close by.


That’s right baby. Fear the outside. Good kitty.


2 thoughts on “Storm door…achieved!

  1. Good afternoon!
    My wife and I are looking at buying a house in pigtown. We currently live in pigtown but we live on Wyeth. While researching our new house I found your blog! The house we are in the process of buying is on Cleveland St, and by the look of the your pictures, just down the street from you. How do you like living on Cleveland? When we made an offer it was colder and thus very quiet. We have noticed that it is more of an active street than before. Would you recommend moving there?

    1. Hi Trevor!

      Yes, it’s definitely quieter in the colder months. Because who likes to be outside when it’s freezing? 🙂

      My recommendation for Pigtown would depend on what you and your wife are looking for. This is definitely a “city area”, and though Cleveland Street is typically a quiet one, there have been our share of, um, non-quiet times. That said, the police are a stronger, more active force in the area now, and there are many Pigtowners that are active in the community. (Including attending the monthly Southwest Police Community Meeting, always an informative time!)

      If you’re into community gardens, swing dancing (Mobtown Ballroom is literally up the street) or just a varied and friendly group? I’d say go for it. If you’re looking for complete gentrification? Not this area. Then again, I can find parking near my house even after 9pm. Not too shabby!

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