Old pallet = new grill “patio”

Since I’m kinda addicted to Pinterest, I’ve seen tons of ideas for using old forklift pallets (is that what they’re officially called?) as backyard…stuff. From hanging gardens (I’m too uncoordinated to hang one on my fence) to full decks (hmm. Prolly never a good idea to get me to think too big. For now.)

But after seeing a pallet just laying around the neighborhood – right on the corner, neglected – I decided to give it a new spin. So, I dragged it home, plopped my old grill on it, & surrounded it with flowerpots!

I’d love to find two more, one for the garbage can, & another to put right next to the grill pallet.

This pallet is really delicate (it crackles when I step on it the wrong way & I weigh 120) but I love the look. So as usual, gotta show it off!




My hoping for items? Pallets that are sturdier! But since this was 100% free? Hey, it’s groovy!


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