Strawberries, the helpful fruit.

My strawberry plant isn’t cranking out the berries like I had hoped. Nothing like the berries I used to feast upon as a kid. (Then again I have one plant; my parents grew three rows of berries in our third-acre backyard.)

But just because I only get a few berries here & there doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful. They’re gorgeous, sweet & have lovely seed-bumpiness (it’s a word). So…. Berries?


Meet fizzybooze!


Ahhhh. The berry seeds give the CO2 in the sparkling booze something to effervesce on/around/something like that. And thanks to the sugar in the berries, my vino gets a light bit of natural sweetness.

Yes, I also added a few seedless grapes to the mix. That way I can count this as a serving of fruit. Bottoms Up, food pyramid!


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