Triumph over fear. This week.

One of the things I looked forward to most when getting my backyard fenced was the ability to keep a trash can for more than a week. It’s the little things, y’all.

So last night, after coming home from my usual Tuesday evening movie, I decided to give in to temptation and put my trash can out – gasp! – at night. Why I’d be so fearful of losing a twenty buck can is beyond me; maybe it’s more the hope that like when I lived in the ‘burbs, I could whip the cans out in the evening without a second thought. Plus, I hate getting up at 6am to drag (myself) the cans out.

Anyway, this morning? 6-ish, I hear the trash folks beepbeepbeeping in the alley. And lo, my eyes beheld…my trashcan! Popped over my fence (forgot to leave the gate unlocked) and none the worse for spending the night in the alley.

Sigh of relief. Yeah I know, this ain’t the ‘burbs, but little things like getting a trashcan back makes me feel a bit more…homey.


3 thoughts on “Triumph over fear. This week.

  1. I live in Ptown, too! I discovered your blog by googling the ol’ hood.
    Your blog is cracking me up. It’s somewhat eery, because I feel as though I’m reading my own or something written by a friend. Terms like apeshit & just the actual substance of your entries hit home.

    Anyways, I know all about the trashcan dilemmas. I put ours out SUPER late, to prevent the sweet neighborhood children from pushing it on it’s side. They can be quite the gems some times.


    1. Yay – a fellow Pigtown person! (Pigtowner? Pigtownite? No, too much like kryptonite. Moving on….)

      Thanks for the warm fuzzies! I write like I talk here; since I rein it in with other writing, I relax at “home”.

      Hope to see you at Tommy’s sometime!

      1. My husband & I have been debating whether to hit up Tommy’s. Perhaps we’ll make it up there soon. My 6 week old son is almost driving me to get a drink!

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