My pyrotastic 4th

Fireworks. Love ’em.

Walked to the Inner Harbor to see them this year, and it was a really good show. As per usual, my (inability to snap a photo) camera can’t capture the awesome. But that’s never stopped me before, so it’s not gonna stop me now. Tada!


Walking home, I saw folks kicking back, enjoying the fireworks they bought…from what seems to be professional firework people. Seriously, my whole neighborhood currently looks like the fireworks after party. I bet the local doggie population is plotzing body organs as I type.

I picked up a few fireworks myownself. The dollar kind. But they were pretty awesome too. Mostly because they didn’t make a loud boom/bang, and because they gave me a heck of a bang for my buck. See?


Ahhhh, pretty.

Off to soothe the kitty; it’s not that she’s freaking out over the noise of the neighborhood fireshow, it’s because she wants to go outside. Hey, she’s pretty. She doesn’t have to be smart. I love her anyway.

Yay 4th of Fire!


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