Hey, free flowers!

I like to weed in the backyard. It’s a zen kinda thing, with the pull, pull, pull. Focus, breathe, pull. No thinking required. So yeah, big fan.

Every so often I see something that looks like…something. So I leave it alone to see what happens. One of those What Happens is some kind of climbing flowering coolness. I like the idea of a wall ‘o flowers. Reminds me of DIY magazines and all the pretty trellises & such.

So I decided to try to make my dream a reality. A pop over to the Depot for a bit of decking trellis, and I am ready to go!

I decided on the 2 foot tall piece, rather than the 4 foot one because I didn’t want to give the vine a complex. A little bit of maneuvering and the vine – hopefully – will do it’s thang on it’s own. She said hopefully.

And hey, check out how big my cheapy, almost-dead-clearance grass has become! It obviously has quite a bit of life to it, even after baking in my backyard. Take that, store!


All this happy growing makes me want to till the yard and get some real gardening going. But then I think about all the crud, stones & whateverall else is down beneath that fine layer of below average, pour myself a glass of wine, and think, “next year”.

UPDATE: I just realized that the WordPress app didn’t upload my pic of the trellis, just the one of the pretty grass (with only a peek at said trellis). So, here it is again. I hope.



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