Updating bathroom cabinets for $1.99

I’m a notorious cheapskate when it comes to buying home decor.  I also have a short attention span.  This fun combo can make me wanna crawl under my bed, wave my magic wand and shout “Accio coolstuff!”  (What?  It’s a Harry Potter special.  Just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean it won’t work.  Probably.)  But since the cat isn’t into sharing her favorite space with me, I have to crawl up and back into the light of day.  Where I have no idea what to do to give my house that somethin’ somethin’ it needs.  Mostly because I have no idea what that somthin’ is, but hey.

I did get closer this weekend though.  While touring World Market with a friend, I stumbled on their knobs.  No, I didn’t fall face-first into a buxom cashier.  I’m classier than that.  Okay, I’m not but I did manage to stay on my feet without stumbling for the entire shopping trip, which is probably a new record for me.

Knob-knobs.  Like hardware store knobs, but cuter.  And cheaper!  Plus, since they have open stock I could grab two instead of a full six-pack, as many stylish hardware knobs are packaged.

Things started out rough, as the new knobs didn’t fit the old holes.  Sigh.


But hey — I have a drill!  Woot!  Only a few moments of “what size bit thingy do I use?”…


And awaaaaay I went.  I didn’t want to make the new holes too big, because I’m sure that I’ll end up switching them in a year or so.  Short attention span, remember?  And according to Murphy’s Law, the next cute bit of hardware I find will have smaller screws, and I don’t want floppy knobs.  Make of that what you will.

After I slid in the new hardware, I popped on the washer (always nice if you worry about the stability of your new hardware, or don’t want said new hardware to mar the door, or just want a tighter fit), swung on the bolts:


Fin.  Now there’s a little bit of flowery happy on my cabinets.  Hooray!  Estimated time to complete: about 2 minutes.  Seriously.  That’s something even a lazybones like me can get behind.


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