In my house, laziness is King. Er, Queen.

This weekend was strangely eventful.  Emphasis on strange.  On Sunday morning, my head started spinning as soon as I opened my eyes.  Not having attended a kegger the previous evening, I was totally freaked slightly startled.  So I trotted over to the ER — listing to the left all the way, like some broken shopping cart — and got diagnosed with “vestibular neuronitis” (aka vertigo, but without Alfred Hitchcock directing it.)  Room-spinning-ness, nausea and stumbling?  Hooray!

So I’ve been spending the past couple days taking it easy.  Zoe has been right there with me, though she tends to class it up a bit.  To demonstrate exactly how low we’ve both sunk on the “too lazy to…” scale, herewith; a video of Zoe so lazy that she doesn’t even bother to get up to drink out of her water dish.  Enjoy!


What y’all missed after the camera stopped:

* me picking up the dead millipede that bought it today & I hadn’t noticed til then
* the big ol’ She-Ra belch ZoeB let fly. We’re nothing but class up in here, people. Posh with a capital P.



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