Adventures In Cooking: no-bake mini-cheesecakes

I love food.  Probably because I didn’t get enough love in my childhood.  But either way, there’s something about eating something really yummy that’s well, yummy.

I’ve always loved cheesecake, but I’ve had to watch the ol’ saturated fat thing lately.  (Wanna freak the expletive out?  Read the saturated fat counts for your favorite fast food goodies.  It’s enough to infarct you right there.)  So I figured, why not try to whip up some lite cheesecake?  Because I have a cast iron stomach, and absolutely no level to which I will not stoop when it comes to satisfying my desires.  Just ask my friends about my dating history.  Well, maybe you shouldn’t.

When I decided to do the lite cheesecake thing, I decided on the mini-cheesecakes.  There are tons of recipes out there, and I love the idea of using ‘nilla wafers in a recipe.  Seriously, those things are damn delicious.  The recipe I tweaked is as follows:

8 ounces cream cheese
8 ounces CoolWhip
1/3 cup sugar
Dash lemon juice
1 box vanilla wafers
1 can pie filling of your choice
Mini cupcake papers''

(from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

I bought fat-free cream cheese, fat free cool whip and reduced fat wafers.  Go big or go home, I say.  (I also got light/low sugar cherry pie filling, in keeping with the “let’s see how much I can fubar this recipe by using all lite stuff.)

Mixing the ingredients, I got a slightly gummy mix — that wasn’t a big shock, as most fat-free cream cheese boxes say DO NOT USE FOR BAKING — that was absolutely delicious.

So, it was time to put the wafers into the mini-cupcake cups.  One problem.

Uh. Nillas, have you been working out (putting on weight)?

Yep.  They didn’t fit.  So, I took matters into my own hands….

Yeah. You fit NOW, don’cha. DON’CHA?

Ahem.  Anyway, with the wafers in the bottom of the cups (DAMMIT), it was time to load in the goo.  Easier said than done — ’tis a sticky business — but eventually I got it did.


Now, to just top ’em with the cherry pie filling….

And it’s time to (lick the bowl like I’ve never seen food before) chill these puppies.

Now, it took a lot longer than the few hours most no-bake cheesecake recipes call for.  Probably because with all this (fine petroleum product from Texaco) no-fat stuff, it takes longer to congeal/set/whatever.  It also took longer for the wafers to get all soft-like from absorbing the liquids from the cheesecake.  And I’m guessing that’s for the same reason as the chilling/setting.  But the next morning?


Wonderful little thimblefuls of delicious.  Not too shabby.

Next time?  I may use light cream cheese and cool whip, for better setting.  Or, more likely, I’ll use the exact same ingredients, but pour it all into a bowl and use it as a dip for apples.  Mmm, apples covered with cheesecake-like-substance.

I’ll call this a win.  Because sugar?  Always wins.


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