Backyard tweaking

No, I’m not standing in my yard amped up on espresso.  I’m standing in my backyard (okay, I was standing in my backyard, I’m typing at my laptop right this minute.  Potato, potah-to) adjusting the plants in my backyard.  Oh man I love the clearance section at the big box hardware stores.  They’ll practically give stuff away when it only needs to be deadheaded!  Mmm, cheap plants.  Plus, I love to grab ’em and give ’em some love.  It’s kinda like Plant Hoarders in my backyard.

This go-round I picked up two pots of coneflowers (a dollar a pop), a pot of groovy purple snapdragon-like flowers (ditto), and two wisteria plants that I’ve already whacked into “trees” (three bucks a pop).  Plus, I picked up a bag of mulch.  Not a big deal, but it really does make my tossed together backyard look a bit more…coherent.  Or at least it looks like I’ve put more thought into it, rather than what I actually did, which is run around garden centers drooling over everything and filling my cart with whateverall I could pick up for cheap.

Peep this:

Oh, and don’t worry; Mantis is cool with all the new flowers.  Very, very cool.

Next?  Bricks from “Red” (yep, they’re still falling from around the front door) to extend the “raised” brick garden.  Yipee!


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