Sunday Shot: the Baltimore Running Festival

This week I decided to actually post something for my Sunday Shot, I go to the Baltimore Running Festival. Pretty easy, as it starts and ends at the M&T Stadium, with the Marathon winding around the city, through Camden Yards.

Little did I know, but there’s also plenty to do if, like me, you think of running and then grab another cookie. At the Runners Village, there’s free yoga classes (in which I did participate), a beer garden (in which I did not because hello, 9am y’all) and tons of stuff to do and grab for young and old. I even got a free tshirt for hitting the yoga class. Something I hadn’t expected but was welcome.

Alright, to the pics!


Folks milling about at the Village

Kids having fun at youth yoga

But y’know what’s really awesome? Correct spelling. A for effort, and for the slogan making me laugh.

People that are not me, headed to the finish. Amazing!

And here’s the finish line. With the requisite press-palooza.


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