Sunday Shot: BARCStoberfest & Pigtown Fest

This was one of those “EVERYTHING happens” weekends, y’know? The type of weekend that has so many things going on that it’s impossible to do it all. To name a few:

* BARCStoberfest, the year’s biggest charity event for BARCS shelter. (And yes, I know I’m using shelter at the end, even though the last letter of the BARCS acronym is shelter. Roll with me on this, I’m tired and lazy.)
* The 11th Annual Pigtown “All New, All Que” Festival, a fest near & dear to my heart.
* A friend’s 2nd Anniversary of the start of her Baltimore Newbies group (which, as you’d expect, is how I met her.)
* Another friend’s Halloween party, which is annual and awesome.
* A high school reunion (it’s not my year, but in my HS if you were in school any time when said celebratory year graduated? You’re invited.) Plus the always awesome pre-party.
* Pigtown After Dark, a post-Fest music shindig at Mobtown Ballroom (love that place; swing dance & burlesque in my hood!) Much love & cupcakes to the awesome John Lam (prez of Pigtown Mainstreet) for offering me free admission so I could just pop in…even though I face-planted onto the sofa late that afternoon &never made it back out.
* Acoustic Night at Tommy’s Downtown Tavern, my absolute favorite place to hang in my hood. (Café Jovial & Tasty Creations tie for the 2nd spot)
* Friends from my ol’ meet group in from Pittsburgh, ergo tons of bar crawls, dinners & brunch-like activities.

Aaaand lots more that I’ve forgotten.

Needless to say, I am one step away from yelling at kids to get off my non-existent lawn trying to keep balance in my life, so I picked a small handful. A year or two ago I’d have gone to everything. Even with my winnowing of the stuff, I was so pooped I only went to two things.

See, in all their radiant splendor, BARCStoberfest & Pigtown Fest!


This year was the first time there was a Ready Set Sniff 5k. Great crowd!


TONS of great costumes for the puppies. This one is a personal favorite. Ch-ch-ch-Chia!


She got adopted in the first hour! Yayz! (Bonus: her new humans took her out of the pumpkin outfit, which probably made them Her Perfect Humans.)

Meanwhile, Poe was partying in Pigtown. As were a ton of other folks.


With all of my playing around with the BARCS pups, er, volunteering that morning, I missed the pie & the bbq eating contests. (Did have a slice of the Baltimore Bomb from Dangerously Delicious Pies: a custard pie w/Berger cookies mixed in. ZOMG.) Luckily I managed to make a Squeakness race. That’s Ba-Rack-O-Ribs Obama winning. Hope that’s foreshadowing….


And one last shot that sums up the fun we all have every year at the Pigtown Fest.

Cut print, it’s a wrap. Happy Sunday!


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