As I take in a stone cold street thug

I volunteer at BARCS, the local shelter. I have a kitty. You may have seen her here once or twice or a thousand times.

The reason you haven’t seen me on this week’s episode of Animal Hoarders is the fact that ZoeB hates, lothes and abominates any and all other forms of life. She jealously (obsessively) guards her turf from interlopers. And bugs.

So when my neighbor said she had seen a cat in the alley that really didn’t fit the “Stray Alley Cat” mold, I was intrigued but not too sucked in. After all, wouldn’t ZoeB kick my ass?

But now that the weather is growing colder – and that kitty is looking skinny and bullied – I decided that Zoe could temporarily give up her 2nd bedroom to a kitty with none.

As you can see, he’s a killer.


(This is a Neighbor’s Backyard pic)


(This is him after less than 24 hours at Chez Cochon. Never spent a second hiding under the bed.)

Erin with Community Cats of Maryland gave me a tip; vets usually scan strays for microchips for free, and my vet is one that definitely does. So I’m going to take him over tomorrow & have that done.

Hopefully he’ll get a forever home lickety split. But he’s here till that happens.


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