Frankenstorm DIY: new bathroom shelf

Frankenstorm. Oooooooh! What a perfect name for a pre-Halloween superstorm. Though many areas of the East Coast were hit damn hard (hang in there, NYC and all you beaches!), and several hundred thousand homes in Baltimore are without power, here in Pigtown it came in with a roar…then only served as an excuse to drink, and eat too many Pop Chips. (Just me?)

Today it’s cold, drizzly/rainy and there’s still a Thou Shalt Not Pass thing going on for the roads, so essential personnel can get where they’re needed.

So when I get cooped up, I DIY. I’d picked up a glass shelf from the IKEA As-Is depo (big surprise), because I have been hating how cluttered my upstairs bathroom sink has become. Glass lets light through – always a good idea for postage stamp size rooms – an also looks kinda posh.

Plus, this particular style matches the hooks & cup holder I already have up. Bingo!

Leveling was easy, though deciding where to hand the shelf height-wise took a bit of thought. As thinking has never been my strong suit, there was fear when I started sinking in the screws. But I relaxed as soon as I made my first spacing mistake. Ahhhh, that’s more like me!

Aaaaand there we go.

But I figure I can always patch that sucker. Tomorrow….

I had the toughest time trying to figure out how to put the posts onto the brackets. Because I remember nothing from the three times I’ve worked with this style of bathroom stuff before (the towel bar is in the downstairs bath). The tough part of As-Is is the fact that stuff that was used as store decor doesn’t come with directions. And I never remember to check the Website for a pdf. Oopsie.

Luckily, one of the bracket/post/thingies came loose a bit, and me being me, I decided to take it apart. Et voila!

Hey, that's easier.

Once I got those two things stuck on the wall, I popped the glass shelf on. Well, I shimmied the shelf on because I was a few millimeters off with my halfass measures. But it all worked out and now…shelf!

And another hole in the wall.

Gotta admit I should have come up with this idea sooner like it. Zoe seems interested, but this is probably because now there’s more room for her tuchas to walk around the sink.

We are pleased, Human.

Crowded in a tight space? Sure. But it’s prettier (and tidier) than the old plastic tub I’d been resting on the sink. Classy, yeah.


3 thoughts on “Frankenstorm DIY: new bathroom shelf

  1. Love what you’ve done with the bathroom. Denise, DIY Queen! Love and miss you much!!! Awesome Blog–now turn on Adsense, yeah do that 🙂

    1. Baby, miss you too!

      Adsense? Que? You know I can barely hit Submit without breaking a brain cell. That’s why this & Atomic Fangirl are so…uh…. Minimalist. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

      1. Adsense allows you make $$ from those who visit your blog–Google Adsense and start earning $$

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