Sunday Shot: Zoe the Killer

It’s been a busy week, what with much of the eastern seaboard hammered by Sandy (tell me about it, stud), Halloween cleanup and birthday prep (cupcakes? Cake Pops? Cupcakes and cake pops?)

But I can always count on Zoe to remind me of what’s really important. Nabbing a prize ratsie.

(Zoe, about to go all Takashi Miike on ratsie’s ass.)

Sure, it may be a catnip ratsie I bought at the store. But Zoe’s gonna cut a bitch.

(And yes, as a matter of fact, I did just discover Frames. Because I know you come to visit in order to keep up with the very latest in 20th century tech. Or whatever century this is. I’m old.)

Sonny Rollins, stray kitty of awesome, is doing well too. He’s a bit stir crazy, but some new toys – and my sleeping in his room last night – have done wonders.


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