Sunday Shot: roses rescue

I love tea roses. Their tiny little flowers just make me smile.

But I tend to kill them like I’m a rose assassin. Then I swear to never buy another one, because I’ll only kill it. Until I see a 2-for-5 deal for a pretty pot of roseness. It’s a sickness.

Case in point, the plants I have now. (Tea roses at the supermarket are usually several plants jammed together in a small pot, not just one.) The leaves are covered in brown blotches, at least the ones still on the plants are. This happens every so often. But the roses bounce back…only to do the same thing later.

After reading that this strange behavior could be due to overwatering (or over-raining, as was the case with Hurricane Sandy), I decided to do a little garden triage. I removed the hosta & the flowering bush (the bush suddenly died last week, or perhaps I just noticed) from their yellow pots & used that soil to fill the stacked tire ‘planter’. The pots I bought all have an attached saucer, and so the soil was dripping wet. AHA! So was the soil the roses were nestled in; same kinda pot, only smaller.

Hopefully putting the soil & roses in a ‘raised bed’ will help with drainage, something that wasn’t happening in those pots. Great during 102 degree weather, but not so good now.

Here’s the (hopefully) happy transplant:

See the water down the side of the tire? It's all from the sopping wet soil.

Yeah, it’s not full to the rim. But I’ll cross that bridge when I talk a friend into helping my lug soil & mulch from the Depot.

More to come….


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