Spotting MC and brussel sprouts

Happy post-Thanksgiving! Instead of hanging around at home (or driving to the great beyond, aka the beach) for the holiday, I had a lovely time with friends. A lovely, delicious time. With leftovers to boot!

My contribution: brussel sprouts with basalmic vinegar reduction & cranberries. Yummy, thanks to the recipe from Food Network.

even better the next day....

I spent most of Black Friday digesting, but there was one thing that had my cardio going. All thanks to the Midnight Crapper. How?

Well, ZoeB has been addicted to heading out to the backyard ever since I had the backyard fenced. It’s gotten to a pushy, whiny point in her life, to be honest.

So, when she wanted to head out Black Friday afternoon, I said sure &headed to open the back slider.

PAM! Away she shot, like she isn’t a 10 year old kitty with a hip problem. Off the deck and zoom – across the yard and from the trashcan to the top of the fence! But wait. Zoe is still in the middle of the yard….

That fence-sitter was none other than the Midnight Crapper! During the day! I guess s/he must have decided to check out the deck that day (maybe because I took out the turkey leftovers & hung ’em on a deck hook). I was still in a turkey coma and didn’t check for kittenness in the yard. Oopsie.

Luckily, MC was just as freaked. Well, maybe less, as my crazypants self ran outside screaming “No Zoe bad Zoe! Leave the Crapper alone!”

So basically I’m saying I was the day’s entertainment for anyone near enough to hear me.

Meanwhile, the Crapper was still sitting on the fence, observing That Indoor Cat and her nutjob human.

I scooped up Zoe (who was as surprised as I was that she had been able to chase another cat so far, or maybe she was out of breath), and MC just continued to stare.

MC sat there for a minute or so, then, after I waved a few times calling “hi MC, good kit-ten. Nice kit-ten!” MC disappeared over the fence and into the alley.

All in all, definitely a wild & crazy day.

Oh, and this year I’m thankful that Zoe didn’t catch MC. And for brussel sprouts, pumpkin pie & good friends.


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