MC & dud dirt

Two quick things (because I’m lazy.)

1) Another Midnight Crapper sighting! S/He was lounging – or perched – on my deck rail last night. I’d heard some soft goings on out back, and then the ever jealous ZoeB looked out of the window and hissed. Not very ladylike, but then her role model sucks.

MC looked up at me, decided that from my bedroom window I was too far away to be a threat, and then sat and watched the birds try to turn Red’s gutters into a nest.

As per usual, I looked away to soothe Her Mighty Highness, and *pfft* s/he was gone. At least MC looks healthy, and fed…. Maybe not the hardscrabble alley cat I’d assumed?

2) Dirt. Or potting soil, whatever. I hate having to lug it from the Depot. So last trip to the store I decided to treat myself & buy that Miracle Gro expanding soil. 3X the soil in one small package! Yayz!

Except not. It doesn’t really expand, it simply absorbs more water. Disappointment.

It’s my fault for thinking that potting soil would miraculously SPROIIIING like one of those kiddie “add water and the dinosaur grows ten times bigger!” thingies.

Still. Bummer. And a waste of about 6 bucks, as that soil costs twice as much as regular Miracle Gro Moisture Control. Back to the drawing board. Or back to begging a favor of a dudefriend next spring when I want to flesh out the planters….


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