Sunday Shot: Ravens, Dragons & Jellyfish

I just got a new phone (the Samsung g3),and so of course I had to head out and snap some pics. Luckily I was also suffering from cabin fever, so bonus!


This is a crazy, awesome metal statue at Harborplace. It’s upstairs, by the new Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum. I love that you have to move til you’re in exactly the right place to see the raven.


Jellyfish! Okay, not real ones, but aren’t they cool? This is the National Aquarium, naturally (see what I…yeah.) I wish I had super high ceilings here at home, so I could re-create this, but no such luck.


Aaaand back to Ripley’s. They have a “serpent” that wraps around their section of the building. It even has a tail in the back! And every so often it belches steam. But I just love the Serpent eye view.

Happy Christmas eve-eve, everyone!


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