Failing At Kitchen: sweet tato fries & roasted butternut

I’ve tried to make a deal with myself this year; cook something other than ramen, mac & cheese or quinoa at least once a week. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that I’ve pretty much washed out every week. But not this day! (Thank you, Aragorn.)

Two things I adore most about Trader Joe’s? Dirt cheap booze and by-the-piece squash. So every time I head down to Virginia – they of the much cooler alcohol selling law stuff – I pick up Three Buck Chuck, and whatever huge squash I can find. This go-round it was butternut. Mmmmm, butternut. But I was hungry for lunch, so a roasting pit stop was in order.

Cue the sweet potato I had bought weeks ago in my fridge! I peeled it, sliced it into sorta similar sized pieces, tossed in EVOO and Mrs. Dash (laziness = herb blends instead of several different spices). Then I dumped the oily, spiced wedges onto the ol’ foil lined baking sheet & roasted those puppies at 450 for about 18 minutes. FLIP! Another 18. Aaaaand done!


Yes, they’re a little burnt. But I like the caramel thing that happens when I over-roast ’em.


This is what they’re doing now. Well, not for much longer, as I’m shoving them into my gaping maw. Yes, as I type. I can multitask if the second task involves food.

While the oven was all perfect temperature and all, I peeled, cored and cubed the butternut. EVOO, with a little pepper, salt and nutmeg. Into the pan!


*Jeopardy theme plays*

Now the squash is done – unlike the sweet potato, I like the butternut when it’s just gotten to the easily-poked-through-with-a-fork stage.


I think I’ll have it with a little basalmic vinegar reduction poured over. But later. I’m still stuffed from the fries.

*contented sigh*

UPDATE: I ended up just making some Stove Top (with add-ins, of course) and making “unstuffed squash”. Easy. And tasty.



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