Sunday Shot: Xmas and a cat with thumbs

Merry Post-Christmas! Or whatever holiday(s) you celebrate. Or ignore, it’s all good here. But I do like the festive. Most especially, I like cute lights. I want this little Rudolph so bad I can taste it. Not that I go around licking holiday decor, but I’m not ruling that out either. I bet Rudolph tastes like adorable.


As I was driving around the city (what? I get lost finding my way home sometimes) I noticed that St. Paul Street had been decorated with pretty light statues/things. I guess that’s to help pass the time with some pretty during rush hour. Mission accomplished!


But it’s not all pretty lights. It’s awesome kittens too. Or, more specifically, an awesome cat. While a friend is doing groovy stuff elsewhere, I am popping in on her kitty. Isn’t he cute? But take a look at his paws….


That’s right y’all. He has SIX TOES ON EACH PAW! And if that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

Headed to 2013 – c’mon Year of the Snake!


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