Sunday Shot: when Ravens come to town

Yaaay Ravens! Today’s wild card game against the Indianapolis Colts had the ol’ Purple and Black win it! And that’s all I know about the football.

But I do like my new home team (though I’ll have a soft spot for the Redskins for always.) I also like being able to walk over to the stadium, being as how it’s literally right down the street.

So today, it’s a peek at what my neighborhood looks like when it’s game day. Go sports!

Kids play ball during tailgates!

Tons of people wandering about looking festive!

Groovy private pre-game digs for the die hard (& connected) fans!

Purple passion everywhere!

Guy Fieri! (Okay, it’s a dressed up cutout. But still fun.)

Free live music – and it doesn’t suck!

Gameday Warehouse, where you can be inside for pre-gaming (or for the whole game, I’m thinking.)

Drunk muppets! Well, at least this one’s a fan.

Hooray for festive sports stuff! Go Ravens! Yayz!


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