Eat your heart out, Henry VIII.

Since I’m hitting the gym harder than I used to, I’ve been craving more protein lately. This week I noticed that my local supermarket carries turkey legs. They were really inexpensive too – two huge legs were under 4 bucks.

I like turkey legs. I feel all sorts of Renaissance Festival when I eat one. Probably because that’s the only time I eat one. This will change from now on.

Using the “recipe” on the package (cook at 350 degrees for an hour or til the meat registers 180 degrees), I gave it a try.

And voilà!


I wrapped the sucker in foil just like RenFest (that’d be the Maryland Renaissance Festival, y’all) does. And so I wouldn’t spill all over myself, because I go total dinosaur on these puppies. Add a side of leftover vegan collards from my trip Land of Kush, and hello dinner!

Very tasty, if I do say so myself. This will be added to the current rotation of easy dinners. Huzzah!


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