Why I’ll be eating cereal from a cup

I love cereal. Unfortunately, I’m not together enough to do the cereal-n-milk thing. Sure, let that sink in for a bit. I fully realize how sad that is.

My favorite way to eat cereal is dry, out of a baggie or somesuch. But pet sitting for friends has given me a great idea that I plan on stealing.

Here there’s a metal measuring cup in the cereal cabinet. I thought, hey! A perfect way to measure exactly how much cereal I’m shoving into my gaping maw! And plus, this particular cup has a soft, cushy handle. Bonus!


I do realize that my friends don’t actually use this cup to eat their cereal, but only use it to measure for breakfast. But I’m a trailblazer! Or just really lazy, as you like.

Multiple purpose kitchen stuff, a new way to eat cereal and a good idea for my new “watch how much you eat at any one time” thing. Ahhh, that’s the ticket.


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