Sunday Shot: Ravens win the Superbowl!

Ravens won the Superbowl! Yayz! I even broke my cardinal rule and watched the game. It was definitely a knuckle biter, and both teams kicked serious tuchas. But the Ravens won it, and even a no-nothing-about-football gal like me got psyched. And it’s nice to see Ray Lewis go out on such a high.

Picture the scene in my hood during and after the game. You don’t have to; here ’tis! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed back out to celebrate with my neighborhood. Good job, Ravens!


First off, shots were given at Tommy’s Downtown Tavern for each Ravens touchdown. Needless to say I got sauced pretty quick. Then, when it was all said & done, Pigtown went crazy. Was it as packed as Fells Point? No. But we’re just as hyped.

Plus, this guy tried to light up a Steelers jersey. Points for effort.






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