Failing At Kitchen: lazy day cherry parfait

I dug in before I remembered that I wanted a picture. Also, I suck at layering, so this parfait didn't exactly look like Bon Appetit even pre-spoonage.

I forgot that today is Presidents Day. I like to celebrate this day in the most patriotic way possible: pie. Cherry pie, in fact. But I’m sick and tired, so whipping up a crust wasn’t something I felt like doing. Because what I felt like doing was lying in bed catching up with my DeeVeR.

So I cheated.

I took some gingerbread men cookies and layered them with cherry pie filling. I did this around lunchtime, so the cookie crumbles could get a bit soft and cake-y. Before I snarfed it down, I took the last spritz of whipped cream and put it on top. Festive! Or something.

Pretend not to notice the green sugar on the gingerbread men that ended up looking like mold. Thank you.

Thanks for being our presidents, former presidents. And thank you for giving us all a reason to eat pie.


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